Globally accepted, quick, and customized testing with the help of state of the art equipments and highly skilled professionals to help our clients demonstrate compliance of their products with global testing requirements.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis is the process of determining the nutritional content of food. It is a vital part of analytical chemistry that provides information about the chemical compositionof food. It ensures compliance with trade concerns and food laws.

Pesticides Residues Analysis

Pesticide Residue analysis provides a measure of food quality, to avoid possible risks to human health and to measure the level of chemical Contamination caused by the pesticides sprayed on crops, fruits & Vegetables.


PRIME TIC offering to test below mentioned mycotoxins in a variety of food and feed. Aflatoxins B1/B2, G1/G2

Heavy Metals

Arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead are the main heavy metals that are closely monitored by food manufacturers and producers due to their toxicity. These heavy metals can end up in food for several reasons and heavy metals food testing is the only way to ensure that your products are within normal ranges and meet regulatory requirements.

Microbiology Testing

Product Shelf-life Studies

Hygiene Testing

GMO Testing

Species Identification Testing

Halal Testing

Allergens Testing

Veterinary Residues Analysis

Environmental Testing